March 14, 2009

Still in school and still on target

It's been a few weeks since my last post, but my fans have not been silent. In response to cheeky girl and whois DNS (who is actually the same person who can't make up their mind on which to log in under)...

cheekygirl111981 said...
Hows your MCTS cert. working out for ya... Not as good as you thought huh?

Whois DNS said...
Does this mean you got your cert. or did you get ripped off like everyone told you so...

Unfortunately this is even better than I thought it would be and there is no rip off. The only rip off lately is the IT posers at Baker and Taylor like Dave Baskin who fired me for "trying to mask my identity on the internet by using the administrator userid". Dave, wake up and smell the technology. If I wanted to mask my ID, I would have tunneled back to home, or at the very least made a new ID in active directory. It's just too bad you never asked why I used the administrator password...

I have my first Certificate and the second should be completed in about three weeks, and I have multiple job interviews scheduled for next week (all in Chicagoland though).

You see there are two types of people in this world. The can't and can.
The can't is easy to spot because there are hundreds and thousands of them that sit around in despair and complain about how they can't improve, they can't succeed and they can't change and they quickly tell you how you can't as well.
There is the cans, who live a lonely existence because they decide to rise above the muck and mire and the constant dragging down of the can'ts and they challenge themselves and eventually they succeed through sheer force of will.

As for my old compatriots at good ol' B&T, you have nothing to worry about right? I mean business is good. Lots of books coming in and getting sold. It's not like they're cutting hours or anything. Sit back and be secure... what could possibly go wrong???

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