April 20, 2009

Still on target part 2

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been pretty busy studying for my MCP which I passed on 4/17. Moving on to my MCSA.
I've got multiple interviews this week so hopefully I'll be back to work soon.

I thought I felt a little tingle in my back recently and upon investigation I found that there are daggers stuck in my back, so for future posts I'll add dagger of the week comments (except for the truly poisonous one's which I'll just delete)

WHOISDNS writes again "still no job huh? thats weird with all your experience and certifications you should be making atleast $70,000 by now...."

To which I reply "Nope"

My question to you is, why do you care? I never get any comments from anyone except you. You seem so happy that I don't have a job at this point. Why is that? I'd hate to think that maybe you contributed to me being terminated. But it doesn't matter much to me, keep up the good work at baker and taylor and make sure you don't learn anything new especially how to keep my databases running when something goes wrong. I'd hate to think my old department didn't immediately fall back into the same old complacent slump of fixing antique crap, putting users off and making excuses for why new projects can't be achieved.

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