November 10, 2010

Update To Cloning Hard Drives

By The Computer Doctor

As many of you realize by now, the only way to learn new things is to continually break things and not be satisfied with one solution.

So today I wanted to try using Clonezilla to clone the same source hard drive to a larger drive like I have previously done with GParted.

Let me summarize the steps we used in GParted
1. mount 2nd HD
2. boot up with GParted live cd
3. copy source partitions
4. paste partition to target unallocated space
5. resize target HD to use all the unallocated space
6. unmount source HD
7. make the target HD the master
8. use recovery console or MBR creation utility to make generic MBR
9. boot up with new HD

Now I tried the same thing with Clonezilla doing a disc to disc clone. What I found was interesting. The MBR was copied along with the rest of the disc data. Of course I already knew that the partition was going to be the same as the original and we would have to use GParted or another partition manager to expand the main partition.

Conclusion: You will have to use a minimum of two tools so you should use whatever method seems easiest to you at the time.
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