March 18, 2013

Where's My Start Button?

So you got a new computer or upgraded your perfectly fine Windows 7 machine to have the latest and debateably greatest version of Microsoft's Windows OS.

Good for you except now you are fraked seven ways to Sunday because you can't find your programs.  The "Start Menu" is gone and when you go to the new start menu, all you see is a bunch of apps.

Where's My Start Button?
I know what you Microsoft fan boys are saying right now.  "But oh great and mighty doctor of computers, you an right click on the metro page and choose all programs to see most of your installed software".  While that is true, lets stay focused boys and girls.  I'm talking about the same start menu we have grown to rely on since Windows 95.  I'm talking about the same place where you can quickly configure printers, go to the control panel, and see a cute picture icon of your self along with some other features that I never use.

In the spirit of all great hackers, pirates, and nerds I have found a free add on program that will bring a configurable start menu icon back to the desktop for us.  < Insert cheering crowd here. > That's ok, hold your applause till the end.

Start Menu 8

Some of the features that I enjoyed with the installation of Start Menu 8 were
  • A convenient and familiar start button on the desktop
  • A configurable icon for this start menu
  • Ability to add tabs or links in the start menu (like returning the run command missing from Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • A pin to start feature
  • Ability to bypass the metro screen and go straight to desktop


So MicroScum, what did you think you would accomplish with removing the start button from the desktop anyway?  Are you on a mission to piss off computer users everywhere?  If so, mission accomplished, you get the gold foil award for most useless change to and operating system ever.


Don't get mad about things not being the way you want them, look for innovative ways that other users and developers have taken lemons and squeezed the juice into the deep wounds, that MicroSoft is so great at making, and get tough with your OS.

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