January 09, 2009

Buying a PC #5 CD / DVD / Writable drives

The CD / DVD drives were once thought of as a luxury item.  Back during the 1980's we scoffed and made fun of our parents 8 track tape players and thought our 4 head cassette tape players were the greatest thing since sliced bread, but along came the CD.  In those days when you talked about CD's you were usually at a bank talking about certificates of deposit, but now days a CD is usually talking about compact discs.  With this new disc you could store quite a bit more than you ever would with a handful of floppy discs.

In the 90's we saw the invent of the CD writable disc and finally the CD re-writable discs.  The same progression for the audio industry came to the video industry as well with the invention of the DVD disc which when applied to data could hold almost 3 times as much as it's CD counterpart.

Now in the early 2000's we are seeing the blueray discs that promis even more storage capacity.

With the choices out there now, I would only say "be wise".  Make sure that whatever you buy that you can read DVD's and CD's.  It will probably be writable and in all likelyhood it will be re-writable.  It may even have a built in label image inscriber.  Options are good, but only you will know what you want to use it for.

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