January 09, 2009

Buying a PC #6 Accessories

With all the cool accessories out there it's hard to know when enough is enough.  Many PC's now days are "bundled" with an assortment of stuff that you may or may not even need.

Most entry level PC's that you buy in a box at your local super store will have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.  With the reduction in cost of home electronics I've also seen printers, webcams and digital cameras in bundles.

You can get cooler pads, mousepads, blank discs, laptop cases, battery backups...  the list could go on...  for quite a while.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that you can get a lot of stuff, but do you need a lot of stuff?

Scenario #1
You have a 4 year old computer with a fairly nice keyboard and mouse (that hook up with USB plugs) and a 19 inch flat screen monitor that you really like and a all-in-one printer scanner that is working great.  You want to get a new computer to replace your older computer that you don't want to use anymore.  I would look for just a computer with no bundle because you already have everything else you want.

Scenario #2
You have a 8 year old computer that you've just run the dog out of.  The keys are sticking on your old keyboard and your mouse keeps freezing up on you, you have an old 17 inch CRT monitor (big and heavy) and you have an old printer that only prints in black.  In this case I would look for a bundled package to replaces the computer as well as it's monitor, keyboard, mouse and maybe the printer too.

Scenario #3
You or your child are going back to school and would like to be more mobile and you're thinking about a laptop.  Know that to get a comparable computer as your desktop PC you will be spending more money (but not as much more as in years gone by).  I would look for a  laptop that had a good wireless G or wireless N card for starters.  If you're going to keep it stationary at your dorm or apartment I would opt for a 17 inch screen model, but if you need to tote it around a lot then go for the 15 inch screen models.  Get a carrying case right off the bat.  Not only does this keep your more portable, it is great for protecting your laptop.  Also, look for a wireless mouse for your laptop because you're going to get tired of the little touchpad real soon.  Other than that, only get the accessories that you'll use because the pourpose of a laptop is to stay mobile.

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