February 22, 2010

Free classes

So it's about that time again... you know... when your current job has about run it's course. You've gotten about all the job experience you're ever going to get and another promotion is so far off that it doesn't seem worth the wait.

What are you going to do? How about learning a new skill?

Over the years I've been asked to do many things by my customers and I've usually had no problems except in the area of webpage development. Copying and modifying other peoples code just isn't a great replacement for actually knowing it myself.

Now I've come across a new site that has a systematic approach to teaching HTML, Browser Scripting, XML, Server Scripting, Web Services, Multimedia, and Web Building.
The best feature is that it's free to learn. That's right FREE as in it doesn't cost you anything to read their pages, follow their examples and take their quizzes.
Of course if you want to get a W3 certificate it will cost you $75 per certificate for each of the following...
  • HTML Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • XML Developer
  • ASP Developer
  • PHP Developer

If you want to learn more just head over to W3 Schools Website and check them out.

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