February 17, 2010

Installing the AWUS036NH

So my new project is learning the Backtrack 4 suite. As many experienced security professionals know, the cheap broadcom wireless adapters that come with your Dell, HP, Asus, ect. laptops aren't very useful.
Of course they're good enough to get on your home router or get PWN'd at the coffee shop, but when it comes to packet insertion or sitting by in monitor mode you need a better card and hopefully one designed around the Atheros chipset.
Since I don't have a PCMIA slot, I ordered the AWUS036NH usb adapter from Alpha Networks.

I was hoping that it would be plug and play, but unfortunately that is only in my dreams. After a day and a half I finally found a combination in different forums that got this installed and working on my two linux systems.

In Ubuntu 9.10

  1. Copy driver for network card to Desktop
  2. Open a terminal
  3. sudo –i
  4. cd /home/ubuntu/Desktop
  5. tar -xf 036NH_2009_1110_Linux.tar.bz2
  6. cd 2009_1110_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.1.2.0
  7. gedit os/linux/config.mk
  9. make && make install
  10. gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and add:
    a. blacklist rt2x00usb
    b. blacklist rt2x00lib
    c. blackist rt2800usb
  11. reboot

In Backtrack 4

  1. I used the above directions to load the driver
  2. I had to do iwconfig in the terminal to find the name of my card which was ra0.
  3. Next I used ifconfig ra0 up to make it active.
  4. Finally I started wicd (like network manager in kde) and put the name ra0 in the preferences for the wireless interface name.

The only exceptions to these instructions is

in ubuntu step 4, the ubuntu is the name of the user.
ubuntu step 5 may have a different name depending on your driver package

using the ubuntu steps in backtrack you will not use gedit. instead just navigate to the file and double click. (you are root user so no need for sudo)

Hopefully this helps someone and happy hacking.

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