May 19, 2010

Trouble Updating Windows Vista

Image representing Windows Vista as depicted i...Image via CrunchBase

If you’re getting an error message with a code 0×80072F8F when you try to use the Windows Update site, check the date and time settings on the PC. If the computer’s date and time are too far off from the Windows Update servers, you may see errors. Microsoft has a full explanation online; the article also explains how certain system files may be causing the update error, and what to do about it.

If you find yourself regularly changing the system’s date and time in the Control Panel every time you start it up, the little CMOS battery on the computer’s motherboard may be dying. Your PC’s manual probably has specific instructions for replacing the battery or seek the help of a computer repair shop.

Reminder: Microsoft ended update support last month for Windows Vista systems that haven’t been updated with service packs. If you haven’t downloaded and installed any of the Vista service packs, you can get them online.

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