June 08, 2010

Easy Remote Support

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By The Computer Doctor:

How many times have you gotten stuck trying to support a friend of family member over the phone and no matter what you tell them they can not follow your directions. Or perhaps they are having difficulty with a program and you really need to see what they are trying to describe in woeful futility.

The program that I have been using for over a year now and thoroughly enjoy is teamviewer. With teamviewer you can use the program for free for non-commercial use or purchase one of their business packages and get advanced features.

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To use Teamviewer you will have already installed the program on your own computer and direct the person that needs support to go to teamviewer.com and click on the "Start Full Version" button on the main page. Direct them to run the program and when it asks if they want to install it direct them to just run it instead. Next they will need to provide the ID and Password that the program gives them. Just enter their ID and click on the connect button, then enter their password and click log on. Next you will see their screen and will have access to their computer.

In addition to remote control of the target computer you will also have a built in file transfer feature and presentation feature.

This program was originally designed for PC's, but now has versions for Macintosh and Linux (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, and the tar.gz for compileing) as well as an IPod version.

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