October 06, 2010

No Audio?

By The Computer Doctor

So this week I get a call from one of our sales reps and they have a customer that just doesn't understand the new annotation function in the grading part of one of our keyboarding products. The sales rep tells me "it's too bad you can't just make a video to show this instructor how this works..."

Of course I didn't need anything more than a stray comment like that to get me to make a video.
So I crank out a nice video in about 20 minutes and publish it and send it out to the sales rep and the instructor.

Fast forward 24 hours and the instructor sends me an e-mail stating "I tried watching the video at work and couldn't hear the audio so I went home and tried it and I still can't hear the audio"

That's because there is no audio you crazy old bat! If you had any sense I wouldn't have to make a video for you in the first place!

Word to the wise, I guess, is always have audio just in case. Now Crank up your speakers and rock out to my revised video.

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