April 29, 2010

Computer Doctor Getting Married

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After spending 10 year of marriage horror and one year of separation from my ex wife I figured that maybe I'd spend the rest of my days as a recovering ex husband in second bachelorhood. Just before my divorce was finalized I soon discovered that I didn't much care for living by myself and that it's a lonely life. Of course there are times when it's good to be alone... like when you're in the middle of a making a nested sub-report that's dependent on multiple tables and a nested query... but on the other hand how many times a day could I find myself in database programming bliss like that? So I found a lone flower in the garden that had been overlooked for so long and we actually hit it off wonderfully.

So for all the techno-babes out there, you may commence the weeping of many tears because The Computer Doctor is getting married on June the Twelfth this year.
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