August 26, 2010

Google SketchUp

Image representing Google SketchUp as depicted...Image via CrunchBaseBy The Computer Doctor

Some of you may be wondering, "where did you get those sweet plans for the server rack?". Well I have to give credit to Jeremiah Duke for mentioning the Google SketchUp program in his video about making his own server rack.

The Google SketchUp program has a free as well as professional version and is a full featured CAD program that is fairly intuitive. I just looked up the actual dimensions of lumber that I was going to use, then I drew lines to the size making 3D boxes which the program then interpreted as solid objects. Finally after making multiple revisions I came up with a model that is made exclusively out of 2x4 lumber with the exception of some 3/4 inch plywood and caster wheels.

See this video for an idea on how easy it actually is to make 3D CAD models for your next project.

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