September 15, 2010

The Gullible, The Ignorant, The Proof That Survival Of The Fittest Is A Myth

By The Computer Doctor

A Big Red buttonImage via WikipediaSo we had a malicious e-mail at work the other day. So sad, but totally predictable. Given enough time with enough freedom someone will bring malware, virus, trojan, root-kit, ect. to work through their e-mail or playing a game on a web-site or something equally stupid.

So the deployment in this case was a false PDF file. You know... random person you never talk to sends you an e-mail saying "here is the PDF we talked about" and when you hover over the supposed PDF it is actually a file with a different extension.

So despite the warning from our IT guys, two of my co-workers felt compelled to open the file anyway.


I Swear to God Almighty that if there was a box with a button that read "DANGER Do Not Press The Red Button" and it was hooked up to a bomb, they would probably press it just to see what would happen.

What more proof do we need that survival of the fittest is a myth and that the human race would never have survived if it were true?

So we had an idea... bad news, I know. What if we made a box with a red button that read "Do Not Press" with a counter inside. I wonder how many clicks we would get each day?
In the spirit of the red button project, please enjoy the virtual red button below.

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