September 27, 2010

Stuxnet, Is Israel To Blame?

Editorial By The Computer Doctor

In this Bloomberg video showcasing the Stuxnet Malware I find a few statements to be very hilarious even though the gravity of the situation calls for less levity than I am able to muster.

In this video, the security expert (male talking hair doo) tries to portray a picture that some government, probably Israel and probably not the U.S., has released the Stuxnet Malware program to target a Nuclear target in Iran.

Please see my editorial after the video...

1:10 "... using stolen certificates..."
Certificates was supposed to be one of the few ways of stopping hackers from gaining access to networks.

1:43 "what are the chances that the U.S. created it?"
Nice softball toss to a former government security adviser.

2:00 "in my judgment it's a very remote possibility"
In The Computer Doctors judgment this is a very real possibility. On July 8th the U.S. announced the “Perfect Citizen” program to help defend industrial networks. Anna Chapman deported to Russia for a spy-swap, from which we got a bunch of ugly fat guys back. With this "Perfect Citizen" program enabled to be some super secret program that will protect important industrial targets from programs just like Stuxnet. How convenient. On the other hand... any program that claims to protect Microsoft Windows is speculative at best.

2:31 "Is Iran really running it's nuclear power, it's nuclear plant on Windows software?"
It's blatantly obvious to female talking hair doo that this is an incredulously bad idea. I agree news chick. Most U.S. military installations only use Windows in a sandbox inside Linux.

2:53 "... it also seems an increasing concern because I don't know... I've used Windows and I know other people have and it's not stable even without a virus sometimes."
You're exactly correct sweetie. Why would you leave the operation of any important industrial process to the fragile stability of Microsoft Windows? Where is the cry for a better solution?

3:07 "Well... (insert crickets chirping) that is the nature of the modern economy and our technology. We rely heavily on these IT systems"
That's F'N Wonderful You Microsoft Fan-Boy, Talking Head, Moronic, Idiot. "well I guess Microsoft is the only thing that separates us from modern man from the cave man" "I guess we'll just bend over and kiss our technological butts goodbye now" This reminds me of the end of the Wizard of Oz where the Giant Head tells Dorthy not to pay any attention to the little man behind the curtain.

3:24 "that's why it's so important to stay up to date with your software patches that come along"
Hooray for Microsoft. Their patches always fix the problems... unless they totally miss the problem and the zero day, and could cause more problems than they fix. Although I agree that installing patches is vitally important, if Microsoft patches fixed their software we wouldn't need antivirus software, antispyware, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewalls, Proxies, VPN's, Certificates, et al ad infinitum.

People, do not rely on our government or any other government to have it's citizens best interest at heart. If you don't think that the U.S. in conjunction with Israel is not taking a gigantic gamble with the technological backbone of the world you are mistaken. On the other hand it is too late for Joe Six-Pack to do anything. We have voted in these out of control governments for over four generations now. How else do we expect them to act?
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