July 16, 2009

Going Linux

If you've been reading my blog for any legnth of time you have to realize that I've spent my whole computing life in the windows world. Other than a few jaunts in college with Macintosh in the early 90's, I've always been a Microsoft fanboy since DOS 4.0 even before the days of Windows.

Now that I'm "all grown up" I spend all day fixing windows problems. OS crashes, spyware, viruses, software incompatibilities, Vista issues such as compatibility modes and UAC controls or someone needing training on a Microsoft office product. I'm not upset about this, it's a job. I just never get any good easy calls.

Then after the day is done and I get home, there always seems to be a friend or family member that has a broken computer that they need my help with.

Needless to say, when I get home and all I want to do is read my e-mail, watch a webcast, work on my book, or play a simple game. The last thing I want is to look at another Microsoft Product.

So now days when the 5 'oclock whistle blows, I go home to my beautiful girlfriend and Ubuntu Linux. I know what most of my Microsoft associates and classmates are thinking. Isn't Linux is hard? There's no software for linux is there? No one seriously uses linux do they?

Well over the next few articles I'll go over why and how I use Linux and how I could easily switch over and never use it again. I want people to know that I'm not a Windows or Macintosh basher.

A computer is just another tool. How well are you able to use your tool?

Thats right. Remember you bought your computer and you should make it work for you, not the other way around. Your OS shouldn't controll how you work, but you should controll and be able to change your OS and how it operates. If the enjoyment in using your computer has been replaced with a frustrating uphill battle then stop and take a deep breath and get ready to see how your computer was meant to be used.

I will cover some basics on what I use to make the change easy and painless (well mostly). Watch for these articles coming up...

  • How to make your desktop more familier to users recovering from Windows
  • How to browse the internet just like you did with Internet Explorer
  • How to check your e-mail just like you did with outlook
  • How to create documents and presentations like you did with Word and Powerpoint
  • How to play music and video just like you did with Windows Media Player
  • How to IM just like you did with AIM, Yahoo, MSN
  • How to make notes just like you did with OneNote
  • How to find new software for free like you never could with Microsoft
  • How to set your firewall like you thought you could with Windows (even if you don't need to)
  • How to use antivirus software (even if you don't need to)
  • Why don't I have to manually run check disk
  • Why is defragging not an option or even needed with linux

Untill then rest assured that I will not be abandoning my Microsoft articles or my use of Microsoft, but I will probably be deviding my time. I am also considering a monthly podcast. If anyone would like to donate articles, or perhaps join me in developing a podcast feel free to contact me with the e-mail contact button on the blog site.

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